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Baked-To-Last BronzerBaked-To-Last BronzerBrush on Bronze

Face powders can be confusing, but it's really worth knowing your
loose powder from your illuminator as each of them can give you
a great beauty-boost, complementing your natural look and
highlighting your best features. To demystify the whole topic and
help you master the art of the powder brush we've put together a
guide to bronzers, illuminators and loose face powders and how to
use them in your daily routine.

Bronzer is great for helping you boast
a healthy glow all year round. Before getting
started, consider adjusting your foundation
to a warme shade and then pick a bronzing
powder about two shades darker than
your natural skin tone. This will help
ensure your look isn't too dramatic. Apply
in a broad number '3' shape on both sides of your
face, taking in your forehead, cheeks and jaw line for a sun-kissed shine.

Brush on RadianceBrush on RadianceLightening Touch

Illuminators add a pearlescent
shimmer to your skin, creating a
dazzling radiant glow. Available
in a cream formulation (which
is better for dry skin) or as a
powder, simply apply in a
boomerang shape along the
very top of your cheekbones.
Add a little flash underneath your
brows for luminosity you'll love.

Lightening Touch Lightening Touch

Face powder is used for helping to set your
existing make-up in order to help it keep
looking fresh throughout the day. Simply
dust a light covering of light translucent
powder over your face with a generously
sized make-up brush for the perfect matte finish
all day long.

Face and Body BrushLoose Face Powder

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