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Colour CrushColour Crush

A quick and easy life hack – adding a dash of
powdered eyeliner over your pencil eyeliner
will help to keep it in place for hours. Use a
slanted brush for precise application. The
Body Shop slanted brush is cruelty-free and
made with super-soft synthetic hair to avoid
irritating the eyes.

Colour CrushColour Crush

Gone are the days of solid black eyeliner being your only choice,
these days there are plenty of different colours on offer. You can work
out the best shade for you based on your natural eye colour, helping
you to accentuate your natural beauty. This handy guide helps you
pick the perfect palette to accentuate your eyes.

As one of the cooler tones in the colour spectrum, avoid distracting
from the eye with bold and bright eyeliners. Instead use grey or silvery
shades to enhance the natural vibrancy of your eye colouring.

Since brown is a neutral shade, you have even more freedom when it
comes to your eyeliner choices. With everything from purple to navy
or teal proving a perfect match, try something with a little shimmer
or a metallic sheen to really lift your look.

As with blue eyes, make-up for green eyes should be chosen to
complement and support the vibrancy of your natural colour.
Emphasise exactly how striking your green eyes are with a deep
plum or rust-coloured eyeliner. The reddish undertones found in both
these shades will compliment a green iris perfectly.

Colour CrushColour Crush

Hazel-coloured eyes feature several different tones, so you have the
option of drawing out different shades of your eye colour using
make-up. Play with purple, blue or even fuchsia eyeliner for an
unexpected flash of intensity.

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